5 Valuable Tips for Small Kitchen Design

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Kitchen Renovations, Small Kitchen Designs

If you think that you can’t upgrade your small kitchen- think again! Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t maximize your space from food preparation, cooking and cleaning up. There are ways in which you can modify your kitchen and as well as maximizing what you have to help your small kitchen design to be spacious.

Tip #1: Roll it!

Use a rolling cart, it can be stored in a kitchen corner or in a nearby hallway can be of great use. A rolling cart may be used as a cutting table or a food prep area like a portable kitchen island for certain small appliances or several utensils that you use when cooking – all you have to do is to roll it in when you need it and roll it back out when you’re finished with it.

Tip #2: Shelves

If you have an open wall, you can install shelves.  Take advantage of any unused areas in your kitchen by putting up shelves that may then be used to store a variety of items related to food prep and cooking. Shelving comes in a wide collection of styles so pick a style that matches your kitchen design.

Moreover, you can also use a hanging baskets can also be both stylish and functional; they are suspended from the ceiling, are inconspicuous and very handy. Lastly, many small kitchens worried for space will fit in an overhead track from which they can hang pots, pans, and the like from hooks.

Tip #3: Backsplash

Adding mirrors is a great way of making any space appears larger. Then by using a mirrored backsplash it will give the appearance of more space and create an extension of both spaces.

Tip #4: Maximize your kitchen space

Use the space within your home. Although kitchen designs can be flexible, at times, a full renovation of a kitchen isn’t an option. Designer kitchens in Melbourne have to play on what’s given to them, whether the kitchen is small or large it’s important to use and get the most out of all of the available space within your kitchen. For small kitchen, consider bringing your cabinets up to the ceiling to add height and depth to the room, but to also offer extra storage space for items that aren’t used every day.

Tip #5: Be creative!

Although you may feel stuck in your small kitchen design, you can open it up in different ways. Above all, be creative! With different kitchen designs to choose from, there is always a chance to let your personality and lifestyle shine through. Choose colours that reflect your mood – choose crafty lighting fixtures or accessories for cabinetry. It’s also valuable to have a kitchen design that creates an overall environment; modern, classic, traditional, country or even rustic kitchen design, either way kitchen designers can help you choose the right fixtures for your kitchen design and budget.

Consider ways to better use the kitchen space you have, get rid of anything that’s hardly used and add organizers to kitchen cabinets and drawers. If you’re like most people, chances are you can find 30 to 40 % more space by just reorganizing your storage spaces within your small kitchen design – think out of the box!


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