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Planning a Kitchen Renovation: What to Expect

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You have a plan for kitchen renovation, what’s next? After looking in magazines and surfing the internet, you know exactly what you want. However, do you have a budget? Remember, once you start  estimating the exact amount of money you can afford, you need to consider what you must have and what to disregard. Composing a realistic budget helps you avoid financial arrears.

Investment boost vs. Luxury

Renovating your kitchen is a good investment if you are planning to sell your home in a few years. Your kitchen renovation plan should be practically narrative on how much you can make after the renovation and your house has sold. But if you are not planning to sell your house, your renovation plan must focus on you and your families’ like and dislikes. Whether it is your own comfort or investment,  evaluating your funds will give you on target budget.

Want vs. Need

Once you set up your kitchen renovation budget, list your needs;

  •     Do you really need to get rid of your existing cabinets?
  •     Do you really need to put an island on your new kitchen?
  •     Do you really need a toaster when you have a microwave?

Coming up with those list helps you digest the must have and not so important items on your kitchen and this will also determine where you will be spending your money. To avoid overspending, consider removing some of your not-so-important items from your renovation.


Oftentimes, it really takes time calculate where your money is going and you’re varying your primary budget plan, this can prevent overspending and making bad decision in the long run. Take notes consisting of budget and your spending to determine if your spendings meets your budget. Thus, you should really have a computation, and enough funds. Make sure you have a budget for all aspects of your kitchen design project.


Adding another features near the end of your renovation process is definitely a bad idea. Indulging on some items that is not on your list and your budget is obviously leads to overspending. Before you decide, once again check out your priorities you made on your budget plan. Further fixtures can create issues afterward, determining further additions to be installed or renovate is important.

Plan it properly

Late changes was the most common what went wrong kitchen renovation dilemma costing more or less $1,000. So, if you are considering renovation, research first; look for some kitchen design ideas from magazines or by visiting kitchen showrooms. Determine the best features and layout of your new kitchen that will suit your lifestyle is essential. Your kitchen must have all activities in your kitchen so you can distinguish what should be included in the kitchen renovation process.

Consulting Kitchen Designers

Consult with professional kitchen designers if possible to avoid renovation disaster. They know exactly what you need to do.

Kitchen renovation is really a daunting job yet fun. It requires proper planning and preparation   not only for efficiency and functionality of your kitchen but also your budget.


Kitchen Design: Classic kitchen look

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Range hoods are kitchen essentials because they are especially designed to dissolve odors and smokes produced by stove-tops. Finding the right range hood that can effectively keep your kitchen odor-free and smoke free is extremely important. A range hood that matches your kitchen decor is also a good option.

If you have a classically styled kitchen, you should settle for a vent hood that looks as classic. Range hoods come in different materials and each one complements specific kitchen design. Ultra-modern kitchens will look better if you have a stainless steel range hood over your stovetop. But for a classic kitchen, your best option is copper vent hood.

Copper, as is, has an old and traditional look. The reddish color gives out the feeling of authenticity and class. Thus, it is the best material to use if you want your kitchen to maintain the total classic and traditional look.

Benefits of Copper

There are many benefits of copper surfaces and some of them include:

• They offer antimicrobial protection

• They provide natural resistance against imminent bacterial growth

• They look good and require less cleaning and maintenance

Different Types of Copper Range Hoods

There are many types of copper range hoods that are available in the market today including the following:

• Freestanding Vent Hood

This copper hood type is designed to be directly mounted to the kitchen wall, and it is the most common type that you can see in the market today. Some freestanding vent hoods are curved on the sides.

• Flush Mount Vent Hood

Another common type of vent hood is the Flush Mount type. This is the type that can either be place between upper cabinets or under a cabinet. It is vertically designed, and no void is exposed between the hood and cabinet.

• Island Vent Hood

This is a very stylish type of vent hood. It is mostly used when the range is set in the middle of the kitchen. The hood is installed directly into the ceiling looking over the “island.” Island hoods are usually mistaken as freestanding hoods because they come in similar shapes. The difference though is in the ducting system that horizontally run with the ceiling and then vented through the wall.

Many homeowners have dreamt of stylish and functional kitchens. There are those who love the country-style or the traditional classic looks, and if you are among those people, then a copper kitchen is one for you.

Copper is simply beautiful and having them in your kitchen for your décor and functional tools allow you to complete the overall classic design you are after. Copper products do not just look great and traditional, they are also easy to maintain. They require little care, maintenance and attention. Copper has the distinct ability to keep its luster and immaculate finish even with regular use. All you need to do is a little gentle cleaning once in a while with soap and water and your copper product will be well maintained. This means that your copper range hood will look sparkling clean without the need for you to scrub it clean with arch cleansing solutions.