Most Popular Eco-Friendly Kitchen Design Ideas

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As people are now using eco-friendly products, why don’t you try using an eco-friendly kitchen design as well? Going green in the kitchen can actually save you a heap of money on your utility bills and longevity. According to CNN, while a total green restructure would cost 20-30% more, you can still get results by spending less, often as little as 2-4% over regular construction.

If you are thinking of turning your kitchen into a green environment, I’ll give you some eco-friendly kitchen design ideas that can turn your kitchen into a safe and environmental space which can help you save money without losing functionality and style.


Use fluorescent lights – this cuts down on lighting costs up to 50% or if allowed, you can also take advantage of using natural light such as having a window or skylight to liven up your kitchen and seize power from your electrical bill. Also, an easy way to go green is to use CFL and LED lighting.


Choose energy-efficient appliances! You can save from 10-50% less energy than other typical models. Seek out appliances that are “Energy Star” permitted, predominantly your refrigerator as it is always in use.


For your cooktop, consider using induction stove – it uses electricity creating a magnetic field that retorts with the cookware and produces heat. As your cookware gets hot, the induction stove doesn’t! Less heat is blown and your food cooks quickly. Actually, induction cooking is about 90% more energy efficient than gas and electric.


When choosing paints for your kitchen, choose low or better yet, zero VOC (volatile organic compound). These paints are environmental-friendly and safer for inhabitants as well particularly for people with allergies.


Recycling your kitchen’s current cupboards by repainting them, adding new hardware or refacing with new material is a great eco-friendly way to recycle and cut the cost of renovation as well.

Kitchen Flooring

Look for eco-friendly kitchen flooring products similar to hardwoods that are mass-produced from forests, bamboo and cork for a natural look and feel.
Other things you can do to stay eco-friendly:

•    Put plants in your kitchen – they absorb carbon dioxide and discharge oxygen, serving as a natural filter.

•    Buy kitchen items that are made from bamboo – as it grows faster than other plant or tree. You can use bamboo for kitchen flooring, backsplash, and cutting boards.

•    To save water, consider buying water saving faucet and install it – its flow rate is approximately 2.2 gallons for each minute.

•    For kitchen renovation, use scrap woods. Scrap woods can be found anywhere; that does not mean that it is not workable or appealing. Not only can these be used to add some distinctive vintage kitchen design, you also help the environment by way of recycling materials.

•    Rather than disposing of your food waste by sending it through the garbage disposal – composting.

Eco-friendly isn’t just best for the environment; it’s great for your financial resources and can be great on style too. An eco-friendly kitchen design can really save money, save energy, save the planet while having a delightful living space.

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