Choosing Your Kitchen Design Style for Renovation

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Kitchen is considered as one of the most important place at home – it’s where you gather to cook, eat and socialize. Because of this, your kitchen design can really make or break your home’s style, so there is a lot at risk with a kitchen renovation.  Choosing the right kitchen design will become an easy task if you keep the following aspects in mind while designing your dream kitchen:


Traditional Kitchen Design


This is combined with classy and elegant look of American and European homes from the 18th century kitchen designs. You can expect to see crown and rope moulding, fluting, corbels and other decoration and trim. Generally, the cabinets are made from mahogany wood, cherry, and walnut with raised panel doors. The most common colour of traditional kitchen design is white, while the fixtures and appliances are vintage. It never goes out of style; however, you may want to jazz up your appliances or furnishings over time.


Modern Kitchen Design


This is the most popular kitchen design nowadays. Most modern kitchen designs are consists of high gloss, clean lines; state-of-the-art appliances and smart storage. When you choose modern kitchen design, you can use push-to-open doors and drawers to enhance the lustrous effect, as they minimalize hindrances. The colour is monochromatic palette, but you can add splashes of colour to add your personality to the kitchen.


Country Kitchen Design


If you opt for a warm and welcoming kitchen, this is perfect for you. It has bright colours, decorative shelving and most of the time floral themes. Expect to see painted and glazed cabinetry with colourful dishes, hand-painted tiles and butcher block to the countertop. You can also add some potted herbs in your kitchen window or throw rugs on the wood.


Contemporary Kitchen Design


Contemporary kitchen design is described as modern design with simple and clean architectural lines and minimal personal touches and decorative elements. Most of the materials are man-made instead of natural — glass, stainless steel, chrome, laminate, concrete and lacquer. This type of kitchen design is influenced by Europe, Italy, and Germany. To make a cosy kitchen, you can mix wood with metal such as maple to copper, chrome or stainless steel.


Rustic Kitchen Design

You’ll generally find rustic kitchens influenced from areas like the Adirondack and Pacific Northwest or resembling log cabins. Rustic kitchens are generally full of wood: knotty pine, hickory and alder woods. Wood panelling is favoured over traditional wall coverings and there are always exposed ceiling beams, leather beams and accents done in warm, rich earth tones.


Eclectic Kitchen Design


Eclectic kitchen design is a combination of various elements or styles; where elements are mixed and give the look of having evolved over time.  Another choice that is a strong recent trend is transitional style, which uses the warmth of traditional design elements to tone down the clean horizontal lines typical of more modern design.  A different take on eclectic style is urban loft, which blends industrial elements like stainless steel counters with dramatic features that play on the open space.


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