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Tips to Make Your Kitchen Showroom Visit Profitable

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Visiting a kitchen showroom can give you a lot of ideas for your kitchen that you may not have thought of. You can choose from many different designer kitchens available, you can also get a friendly advice from reputable designers and help you guide all the way to your dream kitchen. When you are about to have a kitchen renovation, you may already have some ideas in mind on how it would look like o not.

While it’s great if you do have your own plan including colour, layout, appliances or design, it’s always better to be exactly what you really want and you won’t regret afterwards. From countertops, appliances, styles, layout and colours available; make sure you have explored your options.

When searching for some designs and ideas online or browsing the magazine won’t do, you may have collected some brochures and pictures to check as you think about your new kitchen. Though, nowadays, people are encouraged to shop online to avoid travelling to stores, but sometimes this is still an ideal way – visiting kitchen showrooms in Melbourne is an excellent way to see a few different kitchen designs at once, in reality.

Although your new idea is the one you will implement eventually, it’s always best to view other options first and get a feel for what it all looks. When you visit a kitchen showroom, you’ll get to see how tremendous the quality of the product and craftsmanship is and you can feel the different surfaces. It’s really important to feel like you have a good level of understanding and responsiveness between you and your kitchen designer. If your designer does not get you, then the whole process will be a struggle from the start to finish. Try to find someone that understands you and your needs.

Perhaps you will be surprised at how much more there is out there to consider when it comes to your new kitchen and you may have missed some great ideas if you hadn’t visited the showroom.

So, what to expect from a showroom visit?

When you visit in a kitchen showroom, it allows you to see each example and touch then to see which you prefer that matches your lifestyle. A kitchen designer at the showroom will be able to walk you through the myriad of cabinetry finishes so that you are armed and dangerous by the time your designer turns up to estimate.

They will discuss your individual requirements and preferences with you and show you through the display there. As the consultant will have a good working knowledge of kitchens they may be able to propose ideas you to make your kitchen more useful or better set out. They can discuss with you the kind of kitchen material that will you most and the different appliances available.

When you visit a kitchen showroom, you will experience a first class service in assistance to choosing your dream kitchen. A crisp ideas and worthy advice is what you can expect as you start your project to a more tasteful and practical kitchen.


Guide on Choosing Kitchen Materials

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Kitchen has changed from traditional to modern kitchen design. The days of insignificant design may be gone, but that still, it doesn’t change the fact that the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in every home. So, choosing kitchen materials are very important, but it shouldn’t break your bank.  Here are some tips on choosing kitchen materials and how to get a high end look without spending a lot of money.

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Kitchen Countertops

With different countertops materials to choose from, you just don’t know where to start and what to choose.  Also, the price varies depending on the materials like the natural stone. If you are on a tight budget, consider choosing plastic laminate countertops. Another alternative is using linoleum flooring such as Marmoleum where you can either install a wood or metal edge along the front of the counter, or for a smooth look, roll the flooring over a half-round bullnose lip and secure the flooring underneath of the countertop.

Another one to consider the Quartz – this kind of material doesn’t absorb liquids. Most natural materials can absorb water and stain. But one of the most preferred by many is the natural stone, when you visit a kitchen showroom, they will demonstrate how natural stone can hold up to spilled water, wine, ketchup, mustard or oils.

Kitchen Cabinets

When choosing kitchen cabinets, go into the interior door style in your home including your bedroom, most of the time choosing a coordinating cabinet door style to match the interior doors within the home is an easy and safe way to ensure that the new kitchen design integrates into the design of your home.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing an excessively decorative door style unless your kitchen deserves it.  If you consider decorative finish, keep in mind that when you are searching a sample painted on one door, you’ll generally want it to look less worried than you think it should look rather than over distressed.

Kitchen Flooring

Choose kitchen flooring with the same material, if there are wood floors in your adjacent rooms, you can extend it to the kitchen. This is very ideal for small kitchen spaces, this will look bigger. If you do not want wood floors in the kitchen, then consider a tile that is an analogous colour value to nearby wood floor, so the transition is not harsh and it does not divide the space.  A sturdy material like cork can be an exceptional choice for kitchen as it is somewhat soft underfoot and more lenient if you drop a something on it.

Kitchen Backsplash

Backsplash is considered as one of the toughest material choice for people to make.  And it’s usually the last material to be chosen since countertops, floors, cabinets and appliances usually offer less option to choose from and have well-designed requirements.  But the backsplash is one choice that can have a tremendous impact and to your kitchen design – in a more modern kitchen design in Melbourne, choosing a stainless steel backsplash that complements your stainless steel appliances is a great choice.

Alternatively, look at plastic laminates that look like stainless steel that can even installed it on your own. Also consider using glass tile with different colour materials – when choosing a glass tile that pulls colours from your countertop and cabinets.  Other material you may consider are sheets of glass, plastic laminate, stone tile, ceramic tile, or even wood (painted or sealed, or course While choosing kitchen materials can be exciting yet stressful, but you need to cautiously choose the qualities of materials. Start with the countertop and cabinet finish, and once you have those chosen, choose a flooring, backsplash and paint colours.  With this, it will allow you to get everything faster, so you can get through the kitchen renovation a little faster.

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Kitchen Design Planning Tips

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One of the most exciting times of a kitchen renovation is the design phase. It’s a time when you begin to sketch out the floor plan and start clipping pictures from magazines. Its where there are seemingly no limits on what can be done because your project is just an abstract idea that can be changed, tweaked, or enhanced depending on what inspiration comes your way.

With so many ideas and options to choose from, redesigning the kitchen may seem overwhelming. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you get started – and to give you an idea of how to prioritize for a kitchen that is at once beautiful, comfortable, functional and built to last.

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Gather ideas from magazine photos, design websites, and popular decorating shows. Look for a pattern in what appeals to you in terms of style, colours, and overall feel. Have fun imaging all the possibilities for your new space.

Think about your goals. Is this the kitchen of your dreams, or are you planning less ambitious changes with an eye toward resale? How do you use your kitchen? Do you love to cook or entertain? Do you need more storage and more counter space? Do you want a warm inviting space for friends and family to share? Or do you want a bold, impressive layout with all the latest features?

First, determine the major appliances you want in your new kitchen, and use these as the basis for the rest of your design plans. Ranges, cook tops and ovens come in all different shapes, sizes and brands, and can be sourced from a wide variety of different countries, many of which have a signature style of their own.

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If you are considering a splurge on anything in your kitchen, make it the stove: as something you use every day, the stove should be top-quality and designed to suit your ideal specifications. From there, look into other appliances – everything from built-in dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers to wine coolers, warming drawers, fridge and freezer draws and espresso makers for a unique touch.

Adding wood cabinetry panels to your refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher can help larger appliances fit in with custom woodwork if you choose custom cabinetry, while any number of options for the sink – single bowl, double bowl, stainless steel, porcelain, copper, and farm style – can complement these choices and tie the whole space together.

Next, consider organizational touches to suit your lifestyle. Today’s modern pullout Lazy Susans provide much more accessibility to tight corners, while appliance garages are a clever solution for storing small appliances out of sight. Pullout shelving is a smart idea for the pantry, making it easier to access stored goods and maximize storage in tight spaces.

Finally, have fun with aesthetics. Wood, granite and marble countertops can be blended together for a beautiful custom look. For example, consider a neat butcher block for the island and a stunning marble or soapstone countertop for contrast. European hoods provide a distinctive look above the stove, while an exotic backsplash below is the perfect vehicle for expressing your creativity and adding a visual centerpiece to the space. Top it off with versatile pendant lighting for added flair, and consider LED under-cabinet lighting for a lifetime of cool temperature lit workspace.

designer kitchens melbourne

If you’re working with a limited budget, keep in mind that it is easy to re-skin existing cabinet boxes for an updated look, and to find good deals on wooden countertops at popular retailers like Ikea. And whatever your price ranges, remember to maintain a triangle between the refrigerator, sink and range for good feng shui.

Grab some home design magazines and create a binder of looks and styles you like. And once you get the design figured out, put your vision to work with help from an experienced builder and get the job done! For more information about kitchen renovation resources, contact kitchen designers in Melbourne or visit a kitchen showroom today.

Kitchen Essentials to your Preferred Design

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A well-equipped kitchen not only describes a desirable lifestyle but goes a long way in contributing to a better way of living. What defines the modern kitchen design is different for everyone and so many factors come in to play – functionality is all important.

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Be sure of your kitchen design before you start the renovation. Identify where you want what and take all the time you need to plan. Find the right kitchen designer – someone who you can lead into with and is knowledgeable in their field. Finding a reliable kitchen designer can be the most stressful part of any kitchen renovation project. Visit kitchen showrooms and view their advice and recommended sections.

Functional kitchen zone

When setting up your workstation to an efficient modern kitchen design, consider the following:

Cooking zone: These items consist of stove, oven or microwave. Make sure that they are as close to your cooking zone allowing you to put down dishes, pots and pans as they come off the stove, stopping the risk in having to carry hot dishes through the kitchen before setting them down.

Washing zone: The sink and faucet have to do beyond complete the look and style of your kitchen; also they should also make your work in the kitchen easier. Choose a sink with the drainer to outfit the space and the way you work. Then decide on the material – stainless steel or porcelain. Consider adding practical accessories like a chopping board and a rinsing basket – this is a great way to occupy more space and get more room to work on.

coburg Cursio kitchen design

coburg Cursio kitchens

Food zone: Storage areas for dry goods as well as those requiring refrigeration must be distinct and must be in close area to the main action. They must also be easily reached, if you are taking a long time doing simple tasks in your kitchen, like to empty out groceries, stretching and bending and feel really tired latterly, you need to take an additional look at your layout and see whether it is helping you well.

Kitchen Layout

Getting a kitchen layout is all about practicality and having everything to hand when and where you need it. Melbourne kitchen designers point out ergonomics and the working triangle: the setting of your sink, cooktop and refrigerator. There should be no more than 3 meters between the 3 points of your triangle.

Maximize Storage

Take advantage of the available space in your kitchen as possible. This will cut clutter and create a safe environment so you can focus on the job. Make sure you take account of:

  • Overhead cabinets
  • Build an easy access point; more drawers than cupboards
  • Deep drawers for cooking pans

Replace your current lower cabinets with deep drawers and pull-out shelves to maximize your storage space.

Kitchen Flooring

Consider choosing a lighter kitchen flooring – this will create an illusion of light, spacious and you won’t miss any leaks and risks underfoot. Also, non-slip surfaces are most likely the most important feature of your kitchen flooring. Safety is always on top, particularly when you are busy cooking.

How to Design your Own Kitchen?

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designer kitchens melbourne, kitchen designsHow to Design your Own Kitchen?

Planning a kitchen renovation and choosing the best design and layout – an outline consist of countertop, major appliances and storage areas. Plus the working triangle where the 3 most important parts: refrigerator, sink and cooktop. So, if you have decided your workspace needs a total makeover, get your pencil, paper and a tape measure ready and prepare to invest your dream modern kitchen design.

Get Ideas

Pile up your chosen kitchen design from magazine, by visiting kitchen showroom or browsing from magazines and websites. According to the kitchen designers in Melbourne, women are about to choose a G-shaped layout while men are more on the verge of choosing a galley kitchen. Generally, the U-shaped layout remains the most popular overall among 34% of people.

Prepare a Budget

Determine where to spend and to save for your kitchen renovation project. Your budget will eventually determine your choice of materials, finishes and appliances – it is also a good idea to add in some unforeseen that arises.

Find a professional kitchen designer

Ask an authorized kitchen designer before starting the project on your own. Here’s how to choose kitchen designer:

  • Internet
  • Visiting kitchen showroom
  • TV advertisements
  • Family or friends recommendation
  • Yellow Pages

Get Permits

Get any required permits for building, electrical, and plumbing needs.

Choosing Appliances

Choose energy star appliances, for instance, a refrigerator that can save up to 80% in cost and energy over older and other models. When shopping for a new dishwasher, look for the “Energy Star” label to find one that uses less water – required to use 5.8 gallons of water per cycle or less.

Choosing Materials

Choose materials you want for the countertops, flooring, and cabinetry. Go along with a countertops and flooring that are both easy to maintain, long-lasting, and eye-catching. When it comes to cabinetry, choose colours and design that matches your design theme as well as its durability and maintenance.

Flooring Options

Kitchen flooring is also important aspect in kitchen design; it changes the overall look and increases the radiance of the ambiance. There are various kitchen flooring options available in the market; choosing kitchen flooring should be done carefully. Kitchens are generally areas prone to slipups and high moisture accumulation and source of contamination. Consider using tile flooring, laminate flooring, wood flooring, and rubber flooring.


Consider not only your current needs but what you may require in the future, as well as the current size of your household, lifestyle, cooking habits, shopping habits and purpose of your kitchen.

If you want to improve your kitchen flooring with much more style then, go for carpet and rugs. Carpet flooring heightens the beauty of the any area. While rugs come with different textures and styles and help absorb moisture from the floor.

Plan your kitchen with simple and realistic layout. Make sure you provide enough space in your kitchen without over filling with appliances and cabinetry. A simple kitchen plan always helps in easy renovation with less cost. There are many excellent finishes and materials on the market that can help create your dream kitchen. What’s important to consider, though, is that all these features need to work well together.

Tips on How to Choose a Modern Kitchen Backsplash

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Planning to add backsplash to enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics? Before you do, read what Melbourne kitchen designers have to say about choosing kitchen backsplash. In order to know what you are on the lookout for, there are some things to consider first.

Consider your kitchen’s colour

Look at your kitchen’s current colour palette as your guide – including the finish, texture, décor and even your appliances, you can choose what colour and what type of backsplash would match best. Let’s say, you have a dark wood, then a white colored backsplash – not complement. Ideally, for light coloured backsplashes, it looks much better if you blend it with lighter cupboards and finishes.

Remember; avoid contrast colours for a kitchen backsplash, doing so will form sharp areas of contrast. By toning the colour of the backsplash to your cabinet, will create an illusion of a more spacious a kitchen.

Size really matters

Deciding on the correct size is very important. If you choose a large kitchen backsplash in your small kitchen make it look even smaller. If you have small kitchen, choose a small tiled kitchen backsplash. For, spacious kitchen, larger tiled backsplash is a good choice. Small tiled also do wonders if done in a mosaic style – they create a nice homogenous look.

•    If you opt for a contemporary kitchen design, an oversized rectangular backsplash measuring 13″ x 36″ and 17″ x 27″ is perfect – because it has a fewer grout lines and stunning look.
•    Kitchen designers recommend long, skinny backsplash tiles or other eccentric shapes that stray away from the standard 12″ by 12″.
•    If you prefer modern kitchen design, you can play with the direction and alignment of random shapes for the backsplash.

Kitchen design

There are different types of kitchen backsplash, and choosing the right backsplash depends on your personal preference. Let’s say, if you love bold colours choose sharp contrasting colour to the cabinetry or to your countertops. For bolder look, use materials that add reflectance. But if you want a crafty kitchen design, choose ceramic tile that incorporate with flooring or even countertops. Backsplashes can go in for an entire wall or just draw out from the top of the counter to the underneath of the upper cabinets. You choose what kitchen design fits you best.

Colour and texture

With different types, colours, materials – so it’s all up to you to choose whether you choose mosaic backsplash tiles or synthetic materials. I suggest you opt for an artisan mosaic tiles that are hand painted or one of a kind repurposed tile from other home projects you have to play with. The area directly above the stove is seamless bringing an elusive backsplash a focal point.

Consider natural look

To achieve a natural look into your kitchen, consider stone, natural tiles, marble and other materials that emanate natural appeal. Also, bricks and flagstone backsplash can convey natural look into your kitchen. However, natural stones backsplashes are absorbent, so food splatters and oils can blemish it. Consider visiting kitchen showroom to see different models and materials.

With these helpful kitchen backsplash tips, your kitchen workspace just got a little easier. Choose a backsplash that matches your cabinetry, countertops, flooring and even your appliances. The more you are able to draw out refined colours and style, the better your backsplash will highlight your modern design kitchen.

8 Creative Ideas for Your Kitchen Island’s Efficiency

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A functional kitchen island is also important whether you have a small kitchen space. So, say goodbye to cluttered countertops. Kitchen items can be organized and accommodated as part of your island. Kitchen design is always developing as your lifestyle and tastes are evolving. A kitchen island is a great way to enhance workstation, storage, and dining space.

If you have a small kitchen with island, consider these creative ideas on how will you use your kitchen island:

1. Serve as cooking table

For small kitchen, a cooking table is a great option. These tables have an integrated cooking top which bends flat after cooking to become a dining space.

2. Pull-out

A portable cart which can be rolled away after use is another way to add space when using the kitchen. This can stock kitchen items and condiments which you often use when cooking. It can also be used as a bar when entertaining.

3. Extra cupboard

If you still have an extra space to the end of a countertop, you can add a small cupboard known as peninsula. The top can fold up as a breakfast corner or where you do your everyday work.

4. Drop Table

A small drop table permanently connected to the wall and which can be closed when not used, this will also provide as a workstation or a place where your children can do their homework.

5. Pantry

Rather than installing a peninsula, consider a pantry to the end of a counter top. They are available in the market along with different sizes, colours and styles. Pantries have numerous shelving of all sizes and depth which also slides out, therefore, it provides much of the storage space you need.


6. Use All Space

The inside of cabinet doors of your kitchen island can be used to hang utensils and all those various items you may have in the kitchen.

7. Colours and Lighting

If you are planning a slight kitchen renovation, consider your kitchen colour patterns. It is very important because everything smartly thought out helps to give the illusion of space. This won’t hold your pans and pots but it will help you not to feel constrained. Some things to consider are use of light colours for your cabinets and walls, and flooring. Lighting also helps to give the illusion of space.

8. Hanging kitchen islands

Yes, you can create a hanging kitchen islands – your wall cupboards can play as your kitchen islands. So, use your kitchen walls to hang saucepans as they stock lots of clutter like kitchen tools you don’t use, well-kept goods, and anything you may or may not use every day.

If you are hesitant to create a do-it-yourself kitchen renovation, you can ask an expert’s advice as part of the overall cost towards renovating or planning your kitchen from abrasions. This would guarantee that your kitchen design would deal with all the space you need for sufficient storage and any appliances you might have.

Kitchen island is ideal to achieve different kitchen tasks. Above all, islands are unlike any other component in your home as their unique style makes them the focal point of your kitchen. Creativity together with some careful planning can help you create a convenient and well-designed kitchen island.