Kitchen Renovations Guides and Considerations

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Kitchen renovation is a distressful task – it takes time and a lot of money revamping it.  When it comes to kitchen renovation, there are several things you need to consider; from getting the services of kitchen designers, new materials, appliances or electrical and plumbing fixtures and many more. I recommend the following before you begin a major renovation project.


Plan how you will live during the kitchen renovation project since the kitchen will be out-of-bounds. If you plan to dwell in the house during the alteration, work out where you will put up an instant kitchen. First off, apply for building permits, or have the kitchen designer initiate this process. Once you contacted them, tie up the schedule with them.

During the project

Maintain a good relationship with your kitchen designers and your construction team by creating monotonous communication with them. You can set rules about smoking, music, restrooms to use and parking for them.


Before going ahead with your kitchen renovation project, plan what you need to get done and how much you are willing to spend for these things. Have an accurate budget and take account of an emergency fund. Research recent renovation outlays and ideals in the neighbourhood and do not lavishly create expensive kitchen design. Prioritize what you need in the kitchen, and focus your budget.


Think about efficiency and convenience! Draw a kitchen plan wherein you include all the measurements, layout, and working triangle. You can also install kitchen island if space allows. Remember to measure the entryways from the kitchen to the outer of the house, so your new appliance and other kitchen items will fit through the doors.

Moreover, consider the traffic patterns in your kitchen; most kitchen designers recommend leaving 42-inch paths for work areas, or 48 inches for many cooks. Avoid altering electrical, gas and plumbing lines or cracking down walls – it would cost you thousands of dollars to your budget.

Kitchen Designers

Hire kitchen designers, setting up a proper layout, installing kitchen island, designing efficient countertops or changing the electrical, gas or water lines is beyond the scope of you. So, if you are hesitant of your skills with part of the project, it to the professionals for that stage.

Kitchen designers can help keep your project on time and on budget. With the right advice from them, you can update the cabinetry, kitchen flooring, appliances, finishes and fixtures, and build a whole new space.


Choose the highest quality materials that are useful and efficient for the space. The resilience of materials is your uppermost priority. So, choose an appliance that really fits your lifestyle.


You can add storage wherever possible in your new kitchen design. Consider a vertically tall cabinets – it adds valuable space for not often used items. Also, you can install shelving on walls, inside cabinet doors and in the food cupboard.


Lighting can do wonders in your kitchen; ambient lighting can contain track lights, ceiling fittings or wall light fixture on dimmers. Additionally, a hard-wire under-cabinet lights and install task lights over each work area.

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