How to Choose the Right Kitchen Design

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Your kitchen is the busiest place, so you need to make sure that your kitchen stays timeless even after years of use.  There are many ideas and opinions as to kitchen designs. Below are some useful kitchen design tips to help get you thinking about what will work best for you.

Tip #1: Preferred kitchen design

Your kitchen must be efficient;

  • You kitchen must have enough space for your appliances – they never should look cluttered.
  • Keep your kitchen safe for everyone, particularly for your children. For instance, try to have a bench top that does not have sharp edges.
  • Choosing a specific design theme, such as modern or minimalistic, this gives you and your kitchen designers a great idea of where to go in the design.

Tip #2: Preferred materials

Although most people choose kitchen materials based on its durability, it’s better if you also consider its simplicity – giving your kitchen clean and timeless. Consider using metal, stone or timber for your bench top, light fixtures, tap ware or cabinet doors.

Tip #3: Preferred color

Your kitchen colors and materials are also blended all over the kitchen to create a fascinating atmosphere. Strategically, choose your kitchen colors to suit your personality and lifestyle for the time you’ll spend in the space.

  • Orange stimulates appetite, ideal for pickiest eaters at dinnertime.
  • Blue is a drawn color for kitchen, it decrease appetite.
  • Red stimulates energy,
  • Yellow lifts the mood particularly in a breakfast nook.

Tip #2: Work Triangle

The work triangle started from 20th century wherein the 3 major sides; sink, stove and refrigerator are intertwined. An ideal kitchen design makes an appropriate distance this work triangle for comfort and ease of use. The rule of thumb is that the 3 sides of the triangle should tally up to between 12 and 26 feet.
Preferably, no traffic should pass through the work triangle; it would be too annoying that you’re bumping into someone when you’re trying to cook. If your kitchen has an island or a dining table, place it where it will neither back of the work triangle nor be too far to be a convenient work station itself.
Remember, most people are not openly involved in cooking often need access to the kitchen, particularly the fridge. Of the 3 components of the work triangle, your fridge should be placed at the triangle’s exterior corner for easy access. The sink should be easily reached as well, but the cooking surface should be as secured as possible, thus, at the most distant point of the work triangle.

When choosing a kitchen designs, look at the rooms that surround it to keep your home in a good flow. Take whatever design and ideas that you have in your home furnishings scheme and carry it through to your kitchen for an in line look and texture.

If you don’t have a preferred style, then take the color scheme from your lounge and bring it into the kitchen by using complementary towels and an accent wall with the cupboards. If you have white walls, create a classy white-on-white kitchen design. Matching the style will make an easy transition from room to room and allow you to design your kitchen with colors that you know you already like.

designer kitchens melbourne


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