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Important Kitchen Design Elements to Consider

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The kitchen is the heart of your home, and most of the times, it characterizes your lifestyle and character. When planning kitchen renovation, it is really difficult to make decisions when it comes to kitchen designs that are based upon personal preference while still maintaining a look, functionality and comfort for possible future sales. There are different factors to consider when designing a new kitchen, so, if you are all set to redesigning your kitchen or overall makeover, follow these kitchen design tips:


  1. How do you use your kitchen?


You may love to cook, bake, entertain guests or work at the same time – every kitchen is different. Whatever activities come off in your kitchen most, you should keep them in mind when redesigning. Also consider what is efficiently working great for you and what is not. A kitchen that is modified for your particular needs will give you the most satisfaction.


  1. Be organize


Poorly organized cabinets eat up space. Look into your current layout and think of ways to get rid of those dark, unused, hard to reach areas. Plan on how you will store every item. Kitchen designers can totally redesign the layout of your cabinetry and add extra shelving and drawers in various sizes so that every bit gets used.


Another thing to consider is your countertop’s appliances – it can be stored above the counter with storage units mounted under cabinets. Narrow pull-out compartments can be applied into your cabinetry layout for easy access to items that would otherwise be filling up your counter space. A prearranged kitchen reduces mess and makes it easy keep it that way.


  1. Other kitchen design essentials


For your kitchen colour scheme, consider using white or light, cool tones. Light colours reflect light while darker ones absorb light. Also, reflective surfaces like glass and stainless steel are ideal for modern kitchen design. Having diagonal lines and shapes in your flooring or backsplash also look spacious. If your layout allows, you can apply a skylight or add windows to your kitchen.


Upper cabinetry can look bulky in a small space. Open or glass cabinetry reveals the walls behind them, which makes the room appear larger. Additionally, building shelving up high will provide you additional storage space, and also leads the eye upwards – this makes your kitchen space look larger.


  1. Create an practical kitchen layout


The secret to an efficient, stylish and comfortable modern kitchen design is to draw the eye to a focal point whether it is a large window, a long wall or tiled stove. Further than the aesthetic looks, your kitchen should be functional. Make sure that your refrigerator, sink and stove have to be close to each other because they are the most often used equipment in a kitchen. It is important to place enough counter space next to the stove and sink. Many new kitchen designs fit in space-saving and handy and clever storage solutions such as lazy Susan and pull-out cabinets. The most important factor is making sure your kitchen is functional and useful to you.


The best kitchen designs are not just for larger homes. So, whether you are having a kitchen design for beautification of your home or you are going to sell your house in the future, there are stylish, space-saving kitchen design ideas to improve your home.


Tips on How to Choose a Modern Kitchen Backsplash

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Planning to add backsplash to enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics? Before you do, read what Melbourne kitchen designers have to say about choosing kitchen backsplash. In order to know what you are on the lookout for, there are some things to consider first.

Consider your kitchen’s colour

Look at your kitchen’s current colour palette as your guide – including the finish, texture, décor and even your appliances, you can choose what colour and what type of backsplash would match best. Let’s say, you have a dark wood, then a white colored backsplash – not complement. Ideally, for light coloured backsplashes, it looks much better if you blend it with lighter cupboards and finishes.

Remember; avoid contrast colours for a kitchen backsplash, doing so will form sharp areas of contrast. By toning the colour of the backsplash to your cabinet, will create an illusion of a more spacious a kitchen.

Size really matters

Deciding on the correct size is very important. If you choose a large kitchen backsplash in your small kitchen make it look even smaller. If you have small kitchen, choose a small tiled kitchen backsplash. For, spacious kitchen, larger tiled backsplash is a good choice. Small tiled also do wonders if done in a mosaic style – they create a nice homogenous look.

•    If you opt for a contemporary kitchen design, an oversized rectangular backsplash measuring 13″ x 36″ and 17″ x 27″ is perfect – because it has a fewer grout lines and stunning look.
•    Kitchen designers recommend long, skinny backsplash tiles or other eccentric shapes that stray away from the standard 12″ by 12″.
•    If you prefer modern kitchen design, you can play with the direction and alignment of random shapes for the backsplash.

Kitchen design

There are different types of kitchen backsplash, and choosing the right backsplash depends on your personal preference. Let’s say, if you love bold colours choose sharp contrasting colour to the cabinetry or to your countertops. For bolder look, use materials that add reflectance. But if you want a crafty kitchen design, choose ceramic tile that incorporate with flooring or even countertops. Backsplashes can go in for an entire wall or just draw out from the top of the counter to the underneath of the upper cabinets. You choose what kitchen design fits you best.

Colour and texture

With different types, colours, materials – so it’s all up to you to choose whether you choose mosaic backsplash tiles or synthetic materials. I suggest you opt for an artisan mosaic tiles that are hand painted or one of a kind repurposed tile from other home projects you have to play with. The area directly above the stove is seamless bringing an elusive backsplash a focal point.

Consider natural look

To achieve a natural look into your kitchen, consider stone, natural tiles, marble and other materials that emanate natural appeal. Also, bricks and flagstone backsplash can convey natural look into your kitchen. However, natural stones backsplashes are absorbent, so food splatters and oils can blemish it. Consider visiting kitchen showroom to see different models and materials.

With these helpful kitchen backsplash tips, your kitchen workspace just got a little easier. Choose a backsplash that matches your cabinetry, countertops, flooring and even your appliances. The more you are able to draw out refined colours and style, the better your backsplash will highlight your modern design kitchen.

Here Are 5 Ways to Modern Kitchen Designs

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Just imagine how much easier the entire cooking and serving part of the meal would be without having to get in a sweat about careful plating or a fulsome walking back and forth. Kitchen is definitely one of the places in your home that you would want most to look at its best. Modern kitchen designs offer efficiency and convenience together with visual appeal and uncluttered. When planning a kitchen renovation, it is very important to take into account with modern kitchen design elements and spending time ensuring that it’s well-designed.

Your kitchen can be designed to perfectly reflect your design style. There are a number of elements to create your dream kitchen; here are five ways to get the best modern kitchen designs!

Style Elements

For a clean and spacious look, the modern kitchen design usually duck out of extra details and accessories. Small spaces can be made to feel and appear bigger if there is less visual clutter. Consider kitchen cabinets and handles that somewhat have an even surfaces and minimal accents. A well-organized kitchen layout is an important aspect – it helps integrate all the necessary items in a extensive style that would act as a guide.


Most materials in modern kitchen designs are man-made, containing:

•    Stainless steel
•    Stone/ Concrete kitchen benchtops
•    Glass backsplash
•    Flat Polyurethane or Laminate doors

Modern kitchen designs provide full space for you to store your entire kitchen tableware. It also has sections where you can fit your most of your appliances such as oven, dishwasher and for your refrigerator. If you think you’ll need extra space to store kitchen items, choose kitchen countertop which has storage space under it. Also, consider closed kitchen cabinets, if you want some extra storage space.

Colour Schemes

Modern kitchens prefer simple colour patterns such as black, white, and grey, for a contemporary and sharp appeal and atmosphere. Though it is not unusual to see some modern kitchens use distinctive mixtures of colour or colourful timbers to create a visual impact that shows your lifestyle.


Consider the colour of your appliances; make sure it matches your colour schemes on your kitchen renovation. Let’s say you want your kitchen to have an up-beat theme, then bright colours a great choice. However, if your preferred theme is more of plain kinds, then use bold colours – it would be the best choice. You can also place an artwork or a framed picture to add artistic appeal to it.


Another element to consider is the lighting – it provides better function in the kitchen, they can make a huge difference to the overall texture of the room. Your lighting should be but without a glare. You can install task lighting to your countertops and dim lights on your dining areas.  You can talk to your kitchen designer about finding a perfect lighting fixture or set of lighting fixtures and you’ll be much happier in the newly renovated kitchen.

Bringing these elements together will create the perfect kitchen for your family. These given points have perhaps given you a clearer outlook of what a modern kitchen design should look like.

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Top Five Secrets to Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

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Anyone who is raising a family will understand the pain of trying to keep the house clean. The designer kitchens, by far, is one of the most important things to keep dirt-free at all times. This is the place where you both store food and prepare it. As a result, you want to make sure that there are no germs which can be passed on as this can end up causing a lot of serious illnesses. There are a couple of guidelines here which will allow you to keep your kitchen clean and sparkling, but will also ensure that you have something that you will be proud to show off to guests.

Clean As You Go

This may seem like a very simple thing, but it is in fact something that very few people do. Often, when preparing a meal, you may just leave everything out until the job is done. This will leave you with a huge mess at the end which can be a nightmare to clean up. By cleaning as you work, you can ensure that your surfaces are always clear and that you have more space. Even if you simply make a sandwich, make sure to put the bread back in the cupboard and clean the knives. This can also prevent the entire cutlery from piling up in the copper sinks which can also be a nuisance.

Wipe Your Surfaces Regularly

Make sure to wipe your surfaces every day and use an anti-bacterial spray. Surfaces can clog up with germs quite quickly, especially if you have small children. By making sure you give the place a quick once-over in the morning and in the evening, you will be able to keep the place sparkling.

Rotate Your Stock

If there are any perishables in the refrigerator in the cupboards that can go off quickly, make sure that you use them as soon as possible. Rotting meat or vegetables can end up leaving a bad smell and will attract things like flies and fruit flies. Making sure that your stock is regularly rotated will ensure that your cupboards are kept clean and that you do not eat anything that is gone off.

Make Sure the Sink is Clean

A dirty sink can throw the entire kitchen off. Make sure that there is nothing in it and that it is always sparkling. If you have to wash something, make sure that you put it away as soon as possible.

Keep Everything Clear

This applies to the counter tops, the stove and the sink itself. Do not let dishes pile up on the draining board. Make sure that you keep everything out of the way and your kitchen will always look good.

Everyone wants to have a home that they can be proud of. Making sure that your kitchen is always in good order will mean that you will have one more room to show off to the guests.