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10 Kitchen Design Mistakes That Can Cost You to Spend More Money

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If you want a new kitchen design, and you want it to make a reality – consider these top 10 kitchen design mistakes. These tips will effectively save your time, money and stress.

Kitchen Design Mistake #1: Overly design

Unless you extra money to spend, if not, go on for a practical and functional kitchen design. Most stylish kitchen designs have a short lifespan; and when they’re out of style, they’re really out. A kitchen renovation is no small effort, so I recommend that you consider the durability of your materials from cabinets, countertops, appliances and flooring.

Kitchen Design Mistake #2:  Last minute changes

Once the renovation has begun, any changes will cost money even though if materials and appliances are downgraded. Remember, your kitchen’s overall measurement has been calculated and all the materials are ordered. Either small change like you have to extend 2 inches for your oven could mean that the hand cut granite counter which is already installed and ready, has to be trimmed down on one side which means you lose a customized finish.

Kitchen Design Mistake #3: Budgeting

You must set a budget – allot an 80% of your spending on kitchen designs and the 20% will be used to cover the unexpected situations which definitely happens such as minor changes, up to that time unperceived problems and other concerns. Designer kitchens in Melbourne offers interactive estimators and project calculators to help you estimate how much your project will cost, how much material you’ll need, and what it could look like.

Kitchen Design Mistake #4: Hiring the wrong kitchen designer

Hiring a kitchen designer is totally not an expensive as you might think, unless you hire the wrong one. There are some ways to consider finding the right one; talking to your friends or neighbour and ask if they know one. Once you have chosen, ask to see the work they did previously, did he/she finish on time? A little time spent on researching your kitchen design can save you a lot of problems in the long run.

Moreover, designer kitchens in Melbourne offers a free kitchen design consultation to help you estimate how much your project will cost, how much material you’ll need, and what it could look like.

Kitchen Design Mistake #5: Not using a working triangle

The working triangle is the 3 areas of most used activity: the sink, stove and refrigerator. There should be an easy access to and from all 3 of these locations. Constricted aisles, unhandy door swings and islands that take off direct access to these key areas make kitchens less efficient and less convenient.

Kitchen Design Mistake #6:  Lack of lighting

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be too dim; it should have 3 lighting types: general lighting for overall illumination; task lighting; and accent lighting. You can light directly above the main working areas along with some recessed task lighting or pendant lighting to enhance the lighting. Pendant lights are ideal above the sink and kitchen islands.

Kitchen Design Mistake #7:  Not considering countertop workspace

One of the most common mistakes about kitchen design is the lack of workspace. You must consider all your activities that will need countertop workspace. Consider using small or portable appliances such as toaster, oven, coffee maker, food processor, or any that will require a stable space. If you think your essentials aren’t enough, you can add kitchen island or breakfast bar to make best use of your countertop workspace.

Kitchen Design Mistake #8: Not using the storage wisely

Although it’s enticing to spend much more of your budget on appliances of kitchen flooring, but a big part of the advantage of your kitchen will come from the ease in accessing your dishes, cookware and appliances.

Kitchen Design Mistake #9: Using ventilation properly

For your new kitchen design, you should have good ventilation system not only to improve of your indoor air but also to keep your kitchen cleaner by venting odours as well as airborne grease particles.

Kitchen Design Mistake #10: Not sticking to the kitchen plan

To ensure a successful kitchen design makeover, make a good plan and stick to it! Changing your mind once the work has started can be costly and usually can cause more than a few unforeseen and unsatisfying problems.


Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips and Ideas

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When planning outdoor kitchens, think of it as the extension of your home – why not give it as functional and comfortable as your indoor kitchen anyway? But, before you contact some kitchen designers, consider what you want out of your outdoor kitchen. You can spend thousands of dollars but it depends on the size, materials and appliances you’ll be using and if you are going to add sink and refrigerator, it can really increases your budget as you have to allow for the budget of plumbing and electrical fixtures.

And if you want a simple outdoor kitchen designs with a built-in barbecue and countertop, it can be done on a sensible budget. There are a lot of things to consider, so here’s a helpful top 5 outdoor kitchen design tips to get you started.

Outdoor Kitchen Tip#1:

The flow in the outdoor kitchen space is important, but so is how the outdoor kitchen flows with the rest of the patio and other areas like a pool, or garden. If you plan to use the space for entertaining guests, also consider how you will use both the indoor and outdoor kitchen together.

Outdoor Kitchen Tip#2:

Make a budget for the grill, and get the best one your budget will allow. Since there are many different grills available that are built-in, it can be expensive but you are rest assured to its durability and longevity.

Outdoor Kitchen Tip#3:

An outdoor kitchen must have a sink. This provides a convenient place to wash the food and the dishes without having to run indoors.

Outdoor Kitchen Tip#4:

Apart from the grill, there are other outdoor kitchen essentials such as wine coolers, and beverage centres to keep your guests entertained while you’re cooking. Much like having the eating space nearby, having a living space round the corner will allow the cook to interact with guests while they hang out, waiting for the barbecue.

Outdoor Kitchen Tip#5:

Use materials that will withstand outdoor conditions, are easily cleaned and grease resistant, such as stainless steel, stone and tile. Most outdoor kitchen walls are made with concrete blocks, which can be covered with a masonry or an artificial stone veneer. The most common choices are brick or stone and for the countertops, good choices consist of granite, tile, and stainless steel. Also, check to see if the materials get hot under constant sunlight.

Outdoor Kitchen Tip#6:

Many people get carried away with the outdoor kitchen design given how exciting it is to build them. It is very important to keep your budget in mind – you should try to control yourself not to spend more than you can afford, as this will do nothing but make you feel guilty each time you walk out into your outdoor kitchen.

Nothing makes dining outside easier than functional and beautiful kitchen design. If you are handy and feel comfortable doing home improvement projects, you can save a lot of money by building the kitchen yourself. But, for aspects such as design, work triangle zones, plumbing, electrical, and gas, it’s best to consult Melbourne kitchen designers.

5 Secrets to a Modern Kitchen Design

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Have you ever felt how everything in some kitchens is always perfect? There always seems to be space to store more and more. The kitchens are equipped by providing all the equipment and materials necessary to prepare any type of meal. These kitchens look as if they have materialized out of a dream or one of those cooking shows. But in reality it is not that challenging to get such a kitchen for you.


Maximize your storage space

There are some things in a kitchen that you do not need every day while others are used every day. When storing items in your kitchen cupboards, prioritize your storage so that the more often used items are easily accessible. Also prioritize on the basis of size and volume of what you are keeping. If you keep that small pack of spices behind the big bag of flour, it will be challenging to find.

To cut down the cost, remove upper kitchen cabinets in favour of open shelving. Not only will the reduced cabinetry cost let you spend more in other areas (appliances!), but open shelving creates a more spacious, accessible environment and opens the counter space.


Learn to Adapt

It is not always possible to afford a horde of cooking equipment. However, this does not mean that there is something you cannot cook due to the lack of it. While the perfectly matched instruments would being out the best results, cooking is also possible through makeshift methods. A cleaver is the easiest but not the only option when you are cutting meat. If you want to steam something, it is not always necessary to use a proper steamer. Any pan combined with a sieve and a heat resistant dish can work as your steaming apparatus.


Make your kitchen functional

Sometimes adeptly placed cooking stations can reduce the time you need to cook the meals. If a proper layout of your kitchen is done your need to move about the kitchen doing your chores will be greatly reduced. If you have to move across a crowded kitchen to the faucet and the sink with a bowl of hot pasta, it is not only a difficult but also a dangerous thing to do. Ideally, all the places which the food materials move from the start of a dish to its completion should be in a three to five foot radius from where you cook.


Kitchen designer advice

It is very good to take the opinion of a professional or discuss with an experienced person. It could even be your neighbour who renovated their kitchen last summer. There are a lot of unexpected things that you might not have thought of and such a discussion could help you avoid problems. If you aren’t sure where you stand on these aspects of kitchen design, don’t worry – they will help you through every step of the kitchen design process.

Use Warm Colours

In the main elements of the kitchen (for the kitchen cabinets, flooring and countertops), choose warm and neutral colours to create a welcoming space. Add accent colours in the kitchen’s smaller items, like the light fixtures, cabinet hardware, artwork, and displayed cookbooks.

5 Kitchen Renovation Design Ideas

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Kitchen renovation is on the rise and according to some designer kitchens in Melbourne; the kitchen is getting a lot of homeowners’ attention. Since your kitchen gets the most action, it’s often the one that deteriorates first in terms of appearance and functionality. Imagine years of cooking in the same room. Think of all the parties that you’ve prepared for.

Use Kitchen Backsplash

Install a backsplash for durability, while washing up any vagrant cooking splatter is super easy. It is amazing how the use of time varies so much with different effects from a neutral grey small check for more of a background effect, to larger squares of granite with earth tone colours for distinction. Your budget for the backsplash will vary extensively from the type of material you will choose.

Upgrade your Cabinets

Cabinets with glass at the top, or in the cabinet door showcase the family’s favourite dishes or crystal stem ware. Adding a built-in wine rack or plate rack, adds style and functionality. A great idea of time-saver features are offered if building custom cabinets; including lazy Susans, built in silverware drawers, a pull-down soap and sponge holder, housing for your smaller kitchen appliances, and deep drawers for pots and bake ware.

Advantage of Hiring Kitchen Designers

Kitchen renovation plan is very important. With so much to think of, the knowledge and partnerships a kitchen designer will have with electricians and plumbers means it is best to engage experienced professionals. Your kitchen designer can offer advice too, based on the time frame you plan to be in the home. If you want to sell the house in 3 or 5 years, you may want to keep your kitchen renovation around a certain price point. If this is the home you love and plan to enjoy for a generous time span, then your own use, tastes, and preferences are worth building in.


Today’s appliances can not only add a look of luxury, they are more functional than previous models, offering new conveniences and style that never existed before. Some appliances have extra depth to consider in your remodel planning stage. It is important to allow for items and appliances to stay visible without blocking necessary pathways and prep space.

Upgrading Light Fixtures

When kitchen renovation starts, usually everything works well enough. However, that may mean outdated, less energy efficient, or simply “worn-out”. To jazz up a kitchen, a remodel will almost always include painting it and changing the light fixtures. A great consideration may be below the cabinet lighting for a soft late-evening look. Choose from pendant lights for counter areas, island lights, ceiling lights for overhead, or incorporating a vintage chandelier.

Kitchen design remains popular as people continue to invest to create a stylish, comfortable, and well-organized place for their home. Along with improved aesthetics and design, kitchen renovation also holds equitable resale value. Equipped with the right information, you can find a kitchen designer who will do things the right way and give your dream kitchen a reality.

Helpful Tips on Estimating Kitchen Renovation Cost

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Giving a price on your kitchen without looking at it or getting an exact measurement is truly nerve-wracking experience. Generally, kitchen renovation in Melbourne can be expensive than any other city – it could cost somewhere between $5,000 up to $60,000 but that depends on your type of renovation, budget, lifestyle and your own taste.

So what can define cost of kitchen renovation? Here are some few ideas to help you guide over and done with the process before taking decision of renovating your kitchen.

Kitchen materials and hardware = 50%

Kitchen materials such as cabinetry, countertops, sink, flooring down to includes kitchen handles, runners, hinges and internal fit outs like pull out pantry, carousel, bins and many more. Most people cut their cost on these, so always make sure you don’t use low quality materials in your kitchen. Go along with somewhat expensive yet high-quality a material, which comes with 10 years of warranty on it as if your hardware gets corrosion or failure it will spoil whole look and functionality of your kitchen.

Appliances = 20%

In most of the European kitchen they spend lot on their appliances. Practically speaking, even if you buy an appliance worth $1,000 or $10,000 it is going to execute same functions in your kitchen. And nowadays, all the appliances come with warranty on them so it fully demands on person to person with the appliances.

Labour = 10%

These also includes Installer, Electrician, Plumber, Tiller, Plasterer, splash back guy, stone mason and someone to renovate your old kitchen. Trades in Australia are very expensive so it adds up a lot in your kitchen renovation cost. But always make sure your renovator is using registered trades and get a compliance certificate for electric and plumbing work after your kitchen is completed. It could add up around $2,000 – $10,000.

Kitchen designers = 10%

In kitchen renovation service can be of highest importance if you are buying a custom made kitchen.  So you always pay for the service of kitchen designer. Before taking the decision of redesigning a kitchen always check the study your renovator and if possible talk to their previous customers. Even though you have to pay extra for service just go for it as this kitchen is going to stay with you for next 20 to 30 years.

Insurance = 5%

Use only insured renovator, which give you a piece of mind. So even if the company breaks down you will be safe from your side. Pay extra for insurance, as kitchen is not a small product.

Project Management = 5%

It is always better to use someone who provides complete project management to give you a stress-free renovation process – all you got to do is to sit back and relax. In most cases you will save a lot of money by using a kitchen designer company, rather than going around establishing jobs yourself.

Ensure you don’t over spend on your kitchen renovation budget; make it simple yet very functional, spacious and accessible. Always use quality material and reliable kitchen designers and a register builder for any kitchen renovation that’s over $5,000.

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Tips on Choosing Kitchen Paint Colors

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So, you’re planning a kitchen renovation, you’ve listed all the materials needed but have you decided on which kitchen colour is perfect for you? The kitchen is totally a place for colour – the striking appeal of modern kitchen design comes from different textures, colours, designs and materials working together to create an overall feel. Choosing kitchen paint colour is nor an intimidating task with these effective tips:

60-30-10 Rule

Reputable kitchen designers uses 60-30-10 rule:

  • 60% for the dominant colour (walls)
  • 30% for the secondary colour (ideal for cabinetry or other kitchen furniture)
  • 10% for the accent colours (for kitchen accessories, fabric and artwork display)

I suggest a perfect pairing colour is orange and blue – these colours might seem the most intense but it creates soothing colour combination: try turquoise or aqua to a soft citrus orange or sunset orange.

Complementary colours

One way to be certain you’re getting a palette that is going to work? Pick complementary—opposites on the colour wheel—hues. These colours obviously match together, making them so meek. Let’s say, you choose blue and yellow, these tones sit across the colour wheel from each other. Instead of going into a super bright though, tone down the 2 colours, and use 1 colour dominantly. For example, old navy blue for the cabinetry plus white and chocolate browns to the floor is ideal kitchen colour scheme.

Analogous colours

If you are not comfortable with the complementary colour scheme then choose analogous colours – more monochromatic without the sharp contrast of opposites, but they also create a natural harmony. Usually in this kind of colour scheme has a primary (dominant) colour with 2 secondary colours. Mostly, this kitchen colour scheme renders into colour palettes inspired by the countryside, like watery blues and greens for a seaside look, or a warm red and orange that recalls the earth setting of the desert.

Neutral Colours

One of the best schemes you can use involves adding neutral colours for your kitchen items from cabinet doors, flooring, and countertops, and using bold colours for items that are stress-free for alteration or adjustment, such as the walls. The contrast between the bold and neutral shades will make your kitchen have a modern kitchen design.

Warm Colours

If you’re a fan of French provincial kitchen design, you will absolutely be captivated with this kind of kitchen colours. Consider using blue, green or red. However, red is a complex since it can make your kitchen look darker, instead use red on smaller portions.

As long as you follow the kitchen pain colour tips above-mentioned, everything will go as it should be. But, this doesn’t mean you cannot change these ideas based on your lifestyle and personality. In the end, the decision is yours. You can play with colours – don’t be afraid to mix and match your preferred colour, or if you are undecided, you can seek help with kitchen designers to help you choose. As long as you know what works and what doesn’t, you’re free to use any colour combinations you want.

Here Are 5 Ways to Modern Kitchen Designs

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Just imagine how much easier the entire cooking and serving part of the meal would be without having to get in a sweat about careful plating or a fulsome walking back and forth. Kitchen is definitely one of the places in your home that you would want most to look at its best. Modern kitchen designs offer efficiency and convenience together with visual appeal and uncluttered. When planning a kitchen renovation, it is very important to take into account with modern kitchen design elements and spending time ensuring that it’s well-designed.

Your kitchen can be designed to perfectly reflect your design style. There are a number of elements to create your dream kitchen; here are five ways to get the best modern kitchen designs!

Style Elements

For a clean and spacious look, the modern kitchen design usually duck out of extra details and accessories. Small spaces can be made to feel and appear bigger if there is less visual clutter. Consider kitchen cabinets and handles that somewhat have an even surfaces and minimal accents. A well-organized kitchen layout is an important aspect – it helps integrate all the necessary items in a extensive style that would act as a guide.


Most materials in modern kitchen designs are man-made, containing:

•    Stainless steel
•    Stone/ Concrete kitchen benchtops
•    Glass backsplash
•    Flat Polyurethane or Laminate doors

Modern kitchen designs provide full space for you to store your entire kitchen tableware. It also has sections where you can fit your most of your appliances such as oven, dishwasher and for your refrigerator. If you think you’ll need extra space to store kitchen items, choose kitchen countertop which has storage space under it. Also, consider closed kitchen cabinets, if you want some extra storage space.

Colour Schemes

Modern kitchens prefer simple colour patterns such as black, white, and grey, for a contemporary and sharp appeal and atmosphere. Though it is not unusual to see some modern kitchens use distinctive mixtures of colour or colourful timbers to create a visual impact that shows your lifestyle.


Consider the colour of your appliances; make sure it matches your colour schemes on your kitchen renovation. Let’s say you want your kitchen to have an up-beat theme, then bright colours a great choice. However, if your preferred theme is more of plain kinds, then use bold colours – it would be the best choice. You can also place an artwork or a framed picture to add artistic appeal to it.


Another element to consider is the lighting – it provides better function in the kitchen, they can make a huge difference to the overall texture of the room. Your lighting should be but without a glare. You can install task lighting to your countertops and dim lights on your dining areas.  You can talk to your kitchen designer about finding a perfect lighting fixture or set of lighting fixtures and you’ll be much happier in the newly renovated kitchen.

Bringing these elements together will create the perfect kitchen for your family. These given points have perhaps given you a clearer outlook of what a modern kitchen design should look like.

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