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What Makes a Good Kitchen Design?

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Kitchen is yet the most expensive and difficult area when you are going to renovate it. From buying new appliances, flooring (if necessary), kitchen materials and cabinets must be accommodated; each must have enough space, durability, convenient electricity and function. Balancing these needs appropriately is something of an art, but in the hands of a skilled kitchen designer just about any space can be turned into a fantastic kitchen.

A good kitchen design is one that bears out both efficient and visual necessities. It will be laid out in a way that makes work as easy and effective as possible, will be designed in a way that will be safe, and will be finished with right materials on floors, walls and ceilings, on cabinets and countertops.

Kitchen work triangle

An important guideline when it comes to the practical side of kitchen design is to create a work triangle – these are the most common kitchen activities and involve a great deal of movement:

  • Stove
  • Sink
  • Refrigerator.

To do this, draw a line between these 3 elements – you have to move completely unobstructed between these 3 crucial parts of the kitchen. The rule of thumb when it comes to measuring out the kitchen work triangle is that the sum of the lines in the triangle should measure no less than 3.6 metres, but not more than 8 metres. Each side of the triangle should be a minimum of 1.2 metres, but no longer than 2.7 metres.

Keeping safe in your new kitchen design 

To be safe to work in, a kitchen must conform to basic design principles, as well as some simple building regulations. It must house all the required utensils and have sufficient work areas (including elbow room) to allow safe use of those utensils. Also, in order to meet the needs of different-sized households, certain minimum sizes must be met.

Ensuring that there aren’t any obstructions in the kitchen work triangle is one of the main safety concerns. Other important design aspects include:

  • no opening windows near the stove
  • no curtains near the stove
  • install exhaust fans that discharge outside the building
  • have adequate natural light and ventilation
  • have safe knife storage
  • have bright task lighting wherever work is done
  • build in adequate bench space for your needs
  • build in adequate and accessible storage space
  • integrate appliances so that they’re accessible in the work space
  • have sufficient power points (more is better)
  • position power points at a sufficient distance from water outlets and sinks

Use natural light

Consider putting a window facing the sink area to make washing dishes a little more restful. If the view through the window is just a blank wall of the neighbour’s garage or a poorly maintained patio, go on about placing the preparation area so that it manages a casual living area as an alternative. If the kitchen opens directly to the outside, allow space for the storage of wet weather gear near the door.

Hire kitchen designers

There’s a lot to consider when designing a kitchen – and simple design flaws can easily turn an otherwise beautiful kitchen into a source of frustration or worse – a safety hazard. Hiring a professional kitchen designer may add to your costs, but it’ll guarantee you get a matchless kitchen and may save you the more outlays of having to fix things further down the track.

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