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Important Kitchen Design Elements to Consider

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The kitchen is the heart of your home, and most of the times, it characterizes your lifestyle and character. When planning kitchen renovation, it is really difficult to make decisions when it comes to kitchen designs that are based upon personal preference while still maintaining a look, functionality and comfort for possible future sales. There are different factors to consider when designing a new kitchen, so, if you are all set to redesigning your kitchen or overall makeover, follow these kitchen design tips:


  1. How do you use your kitchen?


You may love to cook, bake, entertain guests or work at the same time – every kitchen is different. Whatever activities come off in your kitchen most, you should keep them in mind when redesigning. Also consider what is efficiently working great for you and what is not. A kitchen that is modified for your particular needs will give you the most satisfaction.


  1. Be organize


Poorly organized cabinets eat up space. Look into your current layout and think of ways to get rid of those dark, unused, hard to reach areas. Plan on how you will store every item. Kitchen designers can totally redesign the layout of your cabinetry and add extra shelving and drawers in various sizes so that every bit gets used.


Another thing to consider is your countertop’s appliances – it can be stored above the counter with storage units mounted under cabinets. Narrow pull-out compartments can be applied into your cabinetry layout for easy access to items that would otherwise be filling up your counter space. A prearranged kitchen reduces mess and makes it easy keep it that way.


  1. Other kitchen design essentials


For your kitchen colour scheme, consider using white or light, cool tones. Light colours reflect light while darker ones absorb light. Also, reflective surfaces like glass and stainless steel are ideal for modern kitchen design. Having diagonal lines and shapes in your flooring or backsplash also look spacious. If your layout allows, you can apply a skylight or add windows to your kitchen.


Upper cabinetry can look bulky in a small space. Open or glass cabinetry reveals the walls behind them, which makes the room appear larger. Additionally, building shelving up high will provide you additional storage space, and also leads the eye upwards – this makes your kitchen space look larger.


  1. Create an practical kitchen layout


The secret to an efficient, stylish and comfortable modern kitchen design is to draw the eye to a focal point whether it is a large window, a long wall or tiled stove. Further than the aesthetic looks, your kitchen should be functional. Make sure that your refrigerator, sink and stove have to be close to each other because they are the most often used equipment in a kitchen. It is important to place enough counter space next to the stove and sink. Many new kitchen designs fit in space-saving and handy and clever storage solutions such as lazy Susan and pull-out cabinets. The most important factor is making sure your kitchen is functional and useful to you.


The best kitchen designs are not just for larger homes. So, whether you are having a kitchen design for beautification of your home or you are going to sell your house in the future, there are stylish, space-saving kitchen design ideas to improve your home.


Kitchen Renovation: Where to Start?

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Rosemount Kitchens

Kitchens are still the most popular room in the house to renovate. It’s a big job, both in terms of cost and the amount of work that gets done, so before you hire a contractor and start bashing down walls there are some important things to do. Check out these beginner tips if you want to remodel a kitchen.

Consider making an efficient kitchen layout

More than any room in the house, the kitchen needs to be well-designed and efficient. So think about how you use it and make a plan that will suit your needs. Give considerable thought to the layout and evaluate what will work best for your home. Whenever possible try to take advantage of the working triangle. Place the sink, refrigerator, and stove (the 3 important features used the most) in a triangular pattern. It’s usually agreed upon to be the most useful setup because it saves excessive steps.

Use the kitchen space wisely

Good and reliable designer kitchens in Melbourne will make sure things are laid out to guarantee proper safety, but it’s up to you to plan for convenience. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Plan to have at least 36″ of counter space for food preparation, with 24″ on one side of the sink and 18″ on the other. If you can fit more, do so.
  • Leave enough floor space up ahead of appliances so the doors can be opened and you can still walk with them. 30″ to 48″ should be enough.
  • Leave enough room for traffic flow. There should be 42″ between the counters and the island (if there is one) so that people can easily walk through.
  • Talk over all of this with your kitchen designer to ensure that the space is planned in a way that will guarantee convenience and ease of movement for you and your family.

Setting up a kitchen renovation budget

As you go about planning the new kitchen make sure to be realistic about the cost.

  • Research or visit kitchen showrooms to work out the cost of items and then determine what you need and what you can afford.
  • Set a budget and then add another 10% for unexpected costs.
  • Always buy the best you can afford. When it comes to kitchen renovations you want to have high-quality, functional items.
  • Be practical and don’t buy inessential items. It can be enticing to buy all sorts of appliances but it’s better to go with the dependable essentials that you know you’ll use and get your cash’s worth out of.

Finding a reliable kitchen designer

Finding a kitchen designer can be difficult. It’s best to start with recommendations and contact at least several companies. Ensure you get a list of references for each one and check them carefully. Hire designer kitchens in Melbourne with a concrete reputation, a portfolio of outstanding work and a list of satisfied customers. Price should be only a small factor is this important decision.

Once you know what you want and what you can afford you can hire kitchen designer and get started. Remember to stick to your plan and don’t get captivated in the excitement or let yourself get talked into things you don’t want or need.

How to Design your Own Kitchen?

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designer kitchens melbourne, kitchen designsHow to Design your Own Kitchen?

Planning a kitchen renovation and choosing the best design and layout – an outline consist of countertop, major appliances and storage areas. Plus the working triangle where the 3 most important parts: refrigerator, sink and cooktop. So, if you have decided your workspace needs a total makeover, get your pencil, paper and a tape measure ready and prepare to invest your dream modern kitchen design.

Get Ideas

Pile up your chosen kitchen design from magazine, by visiting kitchen showroom or browsing from magazines and websites. According to the kitchen designers in Melbourne, women are about to choose a G-shaped layout while men are more on the verge of choosing a galley kitchen. Generally, the U-shaped layout remains the most popular overall among 34% of people.

Prepare a Budget

Determine where to spend and to save for your kitchen renovation project. Your budget will eventually determine your choice of materials, finishes and appliances – it is also a good idea to add in some unforeseen that arises.

Find a professional kitchen designer

Ask an authorized kitchen designer before starting the project on your own. Here’s how to choose kitchen designer:

  • Internet
  • Visiting kitchen showroom
  • TV advertisements
  • Family or friends recommendation
  • Yellow Pages

Get Permits

Get any required permits for building, electrical, and plumbing needs.

Choosing Appliances

Choose energy star appliances, for instance, a refrigerator that can save up to 80% in cost and energy over older and other models. When shopping for a new dishwasher, look for the “Energy Star” label to find one that uses less water – required to use 5.8 gallons of water per cycle or less.

Choosing Materials

Choose materials you want for the countertops, flooring, and cabinetry. Go along with a countertops and flooring that are both easy to maintain, long-lasting, and eye-catching. When it comes to cabinetry, choose colours and design that matches your design theme as well as its durability and maintenance.

Flooring Options

Kitchen flooring is also important aspect in kitchen design; it changes the overall look and increases the radiance of the ambiance. There are various kitchen flooring options available in the market; choosing kitchen flooring should be done carefully. Kitchens are generally areas prone to slipups and high moisture accumulation and source of contamination. Consider using tile flooring, laminate flooring, wood flooring, and rubber flooring.


Consider not only your current needs but what you may require in the future, as well as the current size of your household, lifestyle, cooking habits, shopping habits and purpose of your kitchen.

If you want to improve your kitchen flooring with much more style then, go for carpet and rugs. Carpet flooring heightens the beauty of the any area. While rugs come with different textures and styles and help absorb moisture from the floor.

Plan your kitchen with simple and realistic layout. Make sure you provide enough space in your kitchen without over filling with appliances and cabinetry. A simple kitchen plan always helps in easy renovation with less cost. There are many excellent finishes and materials on the market that can help create your dream kitchen. What’s important to consider, though, is that all these features need to work well together.

Tips on How to Choose a Modern Kitchen Backsplash

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Planning to add backsplash to enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics? Before you do, read what Melbourne kitchen designers have to say about choosing kitchen backsplash. In order to know what you are on the lookout for, there are some things to consider first.

Consider your kitchen’s colour

Look at your kitchen’s current colour palette as your guide – including the finish, texture, décor and even your appliances, you can choose what colour and what type of backsplash would match best. Let’s say, you have a dark wood, then a white colored backsplash – not complement. Ideally, for light coloured backsplashes, it looks much better if you blend it with lighter cupboards and finishes.

Remember; avoid contrast colours for a kitchen backsplash, doing so will form sharp areas of contrast. By toning the colour of the backsplash to your cabinet, will create an illusion of a more spacious a kitchen.

Size really matters

Deciding on the correct size is very important. If you choose a large kitchen backsplash in your small kitchen make it look even smaller. If you have small kitchen, choose a small tiled kitchen backsplash. For, spacious kitchen, larger tiled backsplash is a good choice. Small tiled also do wonders if done in a mosaic style – they create a nice homogenous look.

•    If you opt for a contemporary kitchen design, an oversized rectangular backsplash measuring 13″ x 36″ and 17″ x 27″ is perfect – because it has a fewer grout lines and stunning look.
•    Kitchen designers recommend long, skinny backsplash tiles or other eccentric shapes that stray away from the standard 12″ by 12″.
•    If you prefer modern kitchen design, you can play with the direction and alignment of random shapes for the backsplash.

Kitchen design

There are different types of kitchen backsplash, and choosing the right backsplash depends on your personal preference. Let’s say, if you love bold colours choose sharp contrasting colour to the cabinetry or to your countertops. For bolder look, use materials that add reflectance. But if you want a crafty kitchen design, choose ceramic tile that incorporate with flooring or even countertops. Backsplashes can go in for an entire wall or just draw out from the top of the counter to the underneath of the upper cabinets. You choose what kitchen design fits you best.

Colour and texture

With different types, colours, materials – so it’s all up to you to choose whether you choose mosaic backsplash tiles or synthetic materials. I suggest you opt for an artisan mosaic tiles that are hand painted or one of a kind repurposed tile from other home projects you have to play with. The area directly above the stove is seamless bringing an elusive backsplash a focal point.

Consider natural look

To achieve a natural look into your kitchen, consider stone, natural tiles, marble and other materials that emanate natural appeal. Also, bricks and flagstone backsplash can convey natural look into your kitchen. However, natural stones backsplashes are absorbent, so food splatters and oils can blemish it. Consider visiting kitchen showroom to see different models and materials.

With these helpful kitchen backsplash tips, your kitchen workspace just got a little easier. Choose a backsplash that matches your cabinetry, countertops, flooring and even your appliances. The more you are able to draw out refined colours and style, the better your backsplash will highlight your modern design kitchen.

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Design

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Your kitchen is the busiest place, so you need to make sure that your kitchen stays timeless even after years of use.  There are many ideas and opinions as to kitchen designs. Below are some useful kitchen design tips to help get you thinking about what will work best for you.

Tip #1: Preferred kitchen design

Your kitchen must be efficient;

  • You kitchen must have enough space for your appliances – they never should look cluttered.
  • Keep your kitchen safe for everyone, particularly for your children. For instance, try to have a bench top that does not have sharp edges.
  • Choosing a specific design theme, such as modern or minimalistic, this gives you and your kitchen designers a great idea of where to go in the design.

Tip #2: Preferred materials

Although most people choose kitchen materials based on its durability, it’s better if you also consider its simplicity – giving your kitchen clean and timeless. Consider using metal, stone or timber for your bench top, light fixtures, tap ware or cabinet doors.

Tip #3: Preferred color

Your kitchen colors and materials are also blended all over the kitchen to create a fascinating atmosphere. Strategically, choose your kitchen colors to suit your personality and lifestyle for the time you’ll spend in the space.

  • Orange stimulates appetite, ideal for pickiest eaters at dinnertime.
  • Blue is a drawn color for kitchen, it decrease appetite.
  • Red stimulates energy,
  • Yellow lifts the mood particularly in a breakfast nook.

Tip #2: Work Triangle

The work triangle started from 20th century wherein the 3 major sides; sink, stove and refrigerator are intertwined. An ideal kitchen design makes an appropriate distance this work triangle for comfort and ease of use. The rule of thumb is that the 3 sides of the triangle should tally up to between 12 and 26 feet.
Preferably, no traffic should pass through the work triangle; it would be too annoying that you’re bumping into someone when you’re trying to cook. If your kitchen has an island or a dining table, place it where it will neither back of the work triangle nor be too far to be a convenient work station itself.
Remember, most people are not openly involved in cooking often need access to the kitchen, particularly the fridge. Of the 3 components of the work triangle, your fridge should be placed at the triangle’s exterior corner for easy access. The sink should be easily reached as well, but the cooking surface should be as secured as possible, thus, at the most distant point of the work triangle.

When choosing a kitchen designs, look at the rooms that surround it to keep your home in a good flow. Take whatever design and ideas that you have in your home furnishings scheme and carry it through to your kitchen for an in line look and texture.

If you don’t have a preferred style, then take the color scheme from your lounge and bring it into the kitchen by using complementary towels and an accent wall with the cupboards. If you have white walls, create a classy white-on-white kitchen design. Matching the style will make an easy transition from room to room and allow you to design your kitchen with colors that you know you already like.

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Most Popular Eco-Friendly Kitchen Design Ideas

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As people are now using eco-friendly products, why don’t you try using an eco-friendly kitchen design as well? Going green in the kitchen can actually save you a heap of money on your utility bills and longevity. According to CNN, while a total green restructure would cost 20-30% more, you can still get results by spending less, often as little as 2-4% over regular construction.

If you are thinking of turning your kitchen into a green environment, I’ll give you some eco-friendly kitchen design ideas that can turn your kitchen into a safe and environmental space which can help you save money without losing functionality and style.


Use fluorescent lights – this cuts down on lighting costs up to 50% or if allowed, you can also take advantage of using natural light such as having a window or skylight to liven up your kitchen and seize power from your electrical bill. Also, an easy way to go green is to use CFL and LED lighting.


Choose energy-efficient appliances! You can save from 10-50% less energy than other typical models. Seek out appliances that are “Energy Star” permitted, predominantly your refrigerator as it is always in use.


For your cooktop, consider using induction stove – it uses electricity creating a magnetic field that retorts with the cookware and produces heat. As your cookware gets hot, the induction stove doesn’t! Less heat is blown and your food cooks quickly. Actually, induction cooking is about 90% more energy efficient than gas and electric.


When choosing paints for your kitchen, choose low or better yet, zero VOC (volatile organic compound). These paints are environmental-friendly and safer for inhabitants as well particularly for people with allergies.


Recycling your kitchen’s current cupboards by repainting them, adding new hardware or refacing with new material is a great eco-friendly way to recycle and cut the cost of renovation as well.

Kitchen Flooring

Look for eco-friendly kitchen flooring products similar to hardwoods that are mass-produced from forests, bamboo and cork for a natural look and feel.
Other things you can do to stay eco-friendly:

•    Put plants in your kitchen – they absorb carbon dioxide and discharge oxygen, serving as a natural filter.

•    Buy kitchen items that are made from bamboo – as it grows faster than other plant or tree. You can use bamboo for kitchen flooring, backsplash, and cutting boards.

•    To save water, consider buying water saving faucet and install it – its flow rate is approximately 2.2 gallons for each minute.

•    For kitchen renovation, use scrap woods. Scrap woods can be found anywhere; that does not mean that it is not workable or appealing. Not only can these be used to add some distinctive vintage kitchen design, you also help the environment by way of recycling materials.

•    Rather than disposing of your food waste by sending it through the garbage disposal – composting.

Eco-friendly isn’t just best for the environment; it’s great for your financial resources and can be great on style too. An eco-friendly kitchen design can really save money, save energy, save the planet while having a delightful living space.

Visit Rosemount Kitchens’ website for more guides and tips. Click Here: Designer Kitchens Melbourne

If You Don’t Renovate Your Kitchen Today, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

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Most of us dream a spacious and modern designer kitchens that provides enough room to prepare food and entertain guest. Yet, the reality of the situation is that this type of kitchen is extremely hard to come by, with owners having to charge for extra kitchen space. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll give up your dream kitchen, this kitchen renovation tips will highlight a handful of guidelines perfect for you!


If your space is limited, then why not mount them? A resourceful way to use your kitchen space is to extend the height of your cabinets; they should be lean and narrow with glass panels to exploit the illusion of extra space.

Add Kitchen Island

Kitchen island is important to transform your small kitchen space. If your kitchen needs more storage, then this can be the solution! Adding a kitchen island will reduce the amount of often wasted floor space, while making the most of your cooking and storage space.

Kitchen Doors

You can use gloss finished on your kitchen doors or cabinet doors – a great idea if you’re trying to maximize your kitchen space. Because of their reflective surface, this allows natural light to bounce around the room giving the illusion of a bigger space. Ask you kitchen designer to create custom units that fit your kitchen perfectly.


When planning a kitchen renovation, it’s also important that you can express your personality when designing. Add a splash of colour can be the ideal way to put your stamp on the kitchen and if used smartly, colour can give the impression of more space. Perhaps adding a bold block of colour to a feature wall or simply opting for colored gloss kitchen doors.

Wall Space

A great way to use your storage is to use the empty wall space. Consider using hanging rails for your utensils. A quick tip is to focus on the wall above your sink; I bet it’s currently empty.


Clever lighting solutions can embrace the space that’s already there, whilst making rooms of all shapes and sizes feel bigger and brighter. Installing task lighting for worktops and cooking areas enables you to illuminate those dark spots, creating the illusion of more space. Feature lights can also be used to accentuate open shelving and floor lighting is a clever way to open up a narrow walkway. When used in conjunction with light-reflecting materials (such as the high gloss mentioned above) your kitchen will be brighter and seem spacious.

Kitchen renovation can seem devastating; however, it’s mostly like cooking. First, you have to decide on what you are going to do. Then, check to see what you have on hand and what you need to acquire. Lastly, set about accomplishing your goal in a distinct, planned and well-ordered series of steps. Expert assistance is always a great advantage and that is where kitchen designer comes in.

With so many choices in materials, appliances and accessories, sometimes it can be challenging to know where to start when choosing the elements that make up your new kitchen. A kitchen designer should be able to guide you in the right direction, tips and ideas, but eventually the choice of kitchen design is totally up to you.