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5 Kitchen Renovation Design Ideas

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Kitchen renovation is on the rise and according to some designer kitchens in Melbourne; the kitchen is getting a lot of homeowners’ attention. Since your kitchen gets the most action, it’s often the one that deteriorates first in terms of appearance and functionality. Imagine years of cooking in the same room. Think of all the parties that you’ve prepared for.

Use Kitchen Backsplash

Install a backsplash for durability, while washing up any vagrant cooking splatter is super easy. It is amazing how the use of time varies so much with different effects from a neutral grey small check for more of a background effect, to larger squares of granite with earth tone colours for distinction. Your budget for the backsplash will vary extensively from the type of material you will choose.

Upgrade your Cabinets

Cabinets with glass at the top, or in the cabinet door showcase the family’s favourite dishes or crystal stem ware. Adding a built-in wine rack or plate rack, adds style and functionality. A great idea of time-saver features are offered if building custom cabinets; including lazy Susans, built in silverware drawers, a pull-down soap and sponge holder, housing for your smaller kitchen appliances, and deep drawers for pots and bake ware.

Advantage of Hiring Kitchen Designers

Kitchen renovation plan is very important. With so much to think of, the knowledge and partnerships a kitchen designer will have with electricians and plumbers means it is best to engage experienced professionals. Your kitchen designer can offer advice too, based on the time frame you plan to be in the home. If you want to sell the house in 3 or 5 years, you may want to keep your kitchen renovation around a certain price point. If this is the home you love and plan to enjoy for a generous time span, then your own use, tastes, and preferences are worth building in.


Today’s appliances can not only add a look of luxury, they are more functional than previous models, offering new conveniences and style that never existed before. Some appliances have extra depth to consider in your remodel planning stage. It is important to allow for items and appliances to stay visible without blocking necessary pathways and prep space.

Upgrading Light Fixtures

When kitchen renovation starts, usually everything works well enough. However, that may mean outdated, less energy efficient, or simply “worn-out”. To jazz up a kitchen, a remodel will almost always include painting it and changing the light fixtures. A great consideration may be below the cabinet lighting for a soft late-evening look. Choose from pendant lights for counter areas, island lights, ceiling lights for overhead, or incorporating a vintage chandelier.

Kitchen design remains popular as people continue to invest to create a stylish, comfortable, and well-organized place for their home. Along with improved aesthetics and design, kitchen renovation also holds equitable resale value. Equipped with the right information, you can find a kitchen designer who will do things the right way and give your dream kitchen a reality.