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10 Kitchen Design Mistakes That Can Cost You to Spend More Money

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If you want a new kitchen design, and you want it to make a reality – consider these top 10 kitchen design mistakes. These tips will effectively save your time, money and stress.

Kitchen Design Mistake #1: Overly design

Unless you extra money to spend, if not, go on for a practical and functional kitchen design. Most stylish kitchen designs have a short lifespan; and when they’re out of style, they’re really out. A kitchen renovation is no small effort, so I recommend that you consider the durability of your materials from cabinets, countertops, appliances and flooring.

Kitchen Design Mistake #2:  Last minute changes

Once the renovation has begun, any changes will cost money even though if materials and appliances are downgraded. Remember, your kitchen’s overall measurement has been calculated and all the materials are ordered. Either small change like you have to extend 2 inches for your oven could mean that the hand cut granite counter which is already installed and ready, has to be trimmed down on one side which means you lose a customized finish.

Kitchen Design Mistake #3: Budgeting

You must set a budget – allot an 80% of your spending on kitchen designs and the 20% will be used to cover the unexpected situations which definitely happens such as minor changes, up to that time unperceived problems and other concerns. Designer kitchens in Melbourne offers interactive estimators and project calculators to help you estimate how much your project will cost, how much material you’ll need, and what it could look like.

Kitchen Design Mistake #4: Hiring the wrong kitchen designer

Hiring a kitchen designer is totally not an expensive as you might think, unless you hire the wrong one. There are some ways to consider finding the right one; talking to your friends or neighbour and ask if they know one. Once you have chosen, ask to see the work they did previously, did he/she finish on time? A little time spent on researching your kitchen design can save you a lot of problems in the long run.

Moreover, designer kitchens in Melbourne offers a free kitchen design consultation to help you estimate how much your project will cost, how much material you’ll need, and what it could look like.

Kitchen Design Mistake #5: Not using a working triangle

The working triangle is the 3 areas of most used activity: the sink, stove and refrigerator. There should be an easy access to and from all 3 of these locations. Constricted aisles, unhandy door swings and islands that take off direct access to these key areas make kitchens less efficient and less convenient.

Kitchen Design Mistake #6:  Lack of lighting

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be too dim; it should have 3 lighting types: general lighting for overall illumination; task lighting; and accent lighting. You can light directly above the main working areas along with some recessed task lighting or pendant lighting to enhance the lighting. Pendant lights are ideal above the sink and kitchen islands.

Kitchen Design Mistake #7:  Not considering countertop workspace

One of the most common mistakes about kitchen design is the lack of workspace. You must consider all your activities that will need countertop workspace. Consider using small or portable appliances such as toaster, oven, coffee maker, food processor, or any that will require a stable space. If you think your essentials aren’t enough, you can add kitchen island or breakfast bar to make best use of your countertop workspace.

Kitchen Design Mistake #8: Not using the storage wisely

Although it’s enticing to spend much more of your budget on appliances of kitchen flooring, but a big part of the advantage of your kitchen will come from the ease in accessing your dishes, cookware and appliances.

Kitchen Design Mistake #9: Using ventilation properly

For your new kitchen design, you should have good ventilation system not only to improve of your indoor air but also to keep your kitchen cleaner by venting odours as well as airborne grease particles.

Kitchen Design Mistake #10: Not sticking to the kitchen plan

To ensure a successful kitchen design makeover, make a good plan and stick to it! Changing your mind once the work has started can be costly and usually can cause more than a few unforeseen and unsatisfying problems.


How to Create a summer inspired kitchen design?

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Summer kitchens have been a part of a Mediterranean lifestyle for so many years. The allure of outdoor kitchen living is versatile – from preparing food, cook, be around your guests. And one of the most important features of summer kitchen is the veranda with barbecue. For many, it is this room is really a comfortable for holiday. This kitchen with veranda will not only spend more time outdoors, along with grilling in a comfortable environment, without suffocating your house.

Things to consider for summer kitchen design:

  • Accessible to water
  • Complete cooking surface from hot plate, grill, fire pit and many more.
  • Food prep – this could be a separate counter space, or a picnic table.

Entertaining needs

Summer kitchens are ideal for those who love cooking outside plus entertaining. Determine how often you enjoy cooking outdoors, and what size area you can assign when adding a summer kitchen. If you have a smaller patio, a wall dedicated to a grill and sink may be necessary. While large patio may have a separate summer kitchen, complete with dining area, refrigerator, grill, sink and counter area.

How often you use the griller?

If you are grilling for several times a week, you’ll need a grill with enough features that can corresponds to your grilling style. Basic grills may not have sufficient features to meet your grilling needs. Side burners and built-in griddles are also a great addition – with a side burner, you can easily prepare side dishes while grilling and built-in griddles can add great flexibility to your cooking.

Plumbing and Electrical fixtures

If your summer kitchen design includes a sink, you’ll need a water line. When it comes to electrical fixtures, make sure you have enough outlets from the rotisserie systems, refrigerator, grill lighting and more.

Summer kitchen essentials


Think about the kind of kitchen essentials or equipment you would like to have – if you’re going to cook, grill and socialize with many guests at the same time, consider using at least a 36″ or larger grill. This will allow you to cook enough food for many guests, so you won’t have to spend all day cooking. Don’t forget to plan for enough storage in your kitchen too.


Your summer kitchen budget

Think about how much money you are willing to spend. If you’re building a premium quality outdoor kitchen, remember the equipment will often have a lifetime guarantee and the highest quality stainless steel. Summer kitchen designs are worth an investment, and they’re a great selling point if you decide to sell your home.

Summer is all about the grilling and other friendly gatherings.  Call your friends and have them relax indoors on summer days.  Your kitchen design should be all about your tastes and choices and what makes you feel relaxed and comfortable at home.  Have fun with your design and you’ll love your summertime kitchen. Whether you set up a summer kitchen on your patio or near the pool, you need to tie up the design that is both aesthetically good-looking and functional.